Welcome to AnnieBCompany.com, home of LuLu and Boo and related resources and merchandise.  My name is Roxanne Rudkin and I reside in Calgary, Alberta where I work as a Registered Nurse. I am also the creator of LuLu and Boo; two curious house cats that one day discover a world exists beyond their sunroom walls.  I hope you will stick around to learn more About these friendly cats, download free Resources to use at home or in your classroom, and check out my Shop where you can buy the books and also purchase Lulu and Boo character stuffies!  Also, check out my Instagram page. Thank you for visiting.

About the Books

Lulu and Boo

LuLu and Boo are two very happy house cats. They have all the love, food, and attention any cat could want — not to mention their choice of sunny spots! There is no need to leave the comfort of their home. Besides, it looks way too scary out there! One day, something unusual happens. A strange face appears at the window. These two complacent cats become two very curious cats and, with so many questions bouncing between their ears, they decide to take their first steps outside.


Lulu and Boo Meet Banjo

LuLu and Boo are two happy and pampered house cats. Their whole world revolves around their loving owners and their comfortable home. One ordinary Saturday turns chaotic and frightening when an unexpected stranger slips in through the front door.


About Me

Roxanne RudkinAuthor Roxanne Rudkin lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband and two cats. Roxanne has had a long career as a registered nurse. Looking after a sick child in the emergency department was always a special challenge — to meet not only a child’s physical needs, but to try to bring some aspect of reassurance and joy to the experience as well. Her hope is that LuLu and Boo will help bring a smile to those very little ones needing to be brave and step outside their comfort zones.

Learn a little bit more about Roxanne (and her cats!) in this short Q&A:

Do you have two cats and are their names LuLu and Boo?

I have two house cats, but their names are Daisy and Finnigan. They were my inspiration for the book and, just like LuLu and Boo, my two cats have never been outside.

Did you always write stories?

No. Being a very busy mother and working full time, finding the time to write stories was not easy. Once my children, Sam and Quinn, grew up and moved away from home I found I had a little free time for myself. I decided to step out of my comfort zone (as did LuLu and Boo) and try something creative. It was a completely new experience for me and I have loved every minute of this project.

Will there be more books about LuLu and Boo?

Yes. I hope to make a series of books on the adventures of LuLu and Boo. It gives me great joy to see children enjoying my story and these two lovable characters.

Praise for Lulu and Boo

“Gentle and sweet, this new author has nailed the trepidation and curiosity that little ones feel when finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. She has tapped into the emotional processing that happens and the satisfaction of making it through uncertain experiences. This little gem of a book will appeal to cat lovers and caregivers and readers of all stripes. Congratulations on this original effort. Hope to see more of this feline duo.”

– Bobbie Turner, Owner, CanLit for Kids