Author Visits

I enjoy sharing my story and the journey of creating LuLu and Boo with children and adults of all ages. Please contact me if you are interested in an Author Visit for your classroom, library, bookstore, or book club!

My visits have a general outline, but I do not have a set session as I prefer to adapt my talk and readings to the interests of the group. I find the responses from different age groups helps keep my sessions varied. Ideally, my visit works best in a classroom, library, or resource room setting with smaller groups, one or perhaps two classes. The sessions usually run about 35 to 45 minutes.

In a typical visit with a younger group I will read my story and have an interactive discussion focusing on new experiences, leaving our comfort zones, and finding new friends. I also like to discuss the characters and what sort of adventures the audience imagines them having. Of course with young children there are usually many surprise questions.  With an older class group, children 8 – 11 years, the discussion tends to focus more on the writing experience, the ideas, building the characters and story line, and the journey of publishing a children’s story for the first time.

I reside in Calgary and do author visits in and around the region. I’m also happy venturing a little further. Please feel free to Contact Me to discuss.